Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Is anyone else knitting the laptop case? I bought the Cascade 220. I am using Sz 11s to get gauge, but the "fabric" is pretty loosely woven and I am worried that it's not going to be sturdy enough after felting to hold something as heavy as a laptop. Whatcha think? I am going to try to felt my swatch to see what happens.

I just wanted to post to the Canadian's and whoever seems to be having problems getting the Bag Style book. I just replied to Janie's post on Nov. 7. I've had major waiting problems with Amazon.ca with ordering this book. When I saw that Tiffany got her book, and she is in Japan right now, I thought that's enough waiting. So I cancelled my order with Amazon.ca, and thought if I maybe reorder it with them it might re-set to a better delivery date....nope...Jan.2/08 was the new date....So I cancelled, and ordered it from the Amazon.com website on Nov. 4, and it shipped the next day with a eta of Nov.28. It seems like that's still a long wait, but I'm assuming that's due to Canada Post having to deal with an onslaught of online cross-border shopping. Hope this helps! I look forward to eventually posting with a project, and I'm loving all the picture's of everyone's posted projects.

p.s.: It turned out it was even less to order through Amazon.com with our Canadian dollar.

This was an easy knit if you are paying attention to what row you are on. I had to frog 2 or 3 times because I kept knitting the wrong row. Duh on my behalf!! I used 3 skieins of Cadena Yarn from knitpicks.com; the colors is Mist. I really like the feel of this yarn. I will surely use it again on another bag. The knitting needles in the bag are 12", which are not long enough, the stitches are a tad bunched up. I advise you to get 14" if you are going to knit this bag. I used a bright pink brocade fabric to line the bag. I must say it looks gorgeous. I will let you all be the judge of that. :-) That's my son doing the honors of holding the bag.

I have the Two Colored Triangle Bag ready for fulling.
The two pieces are knitted and pinned together here. I can already see that I'm going to like this purse.

And here it is after being sewn together, and ready to go into a pillowslip and into wash. I like it as is; would just need a lining.
 I'll post the completed project after it is fulled, shaped, and dried. I used Paton's wool for this project. 

I'm not sure why I waited so long to finish the handwork on this bag, but it is now finally complete. I think I'll be happy not to have made the entire handle out of chain as the 2 rings connecting bag to handle are quite heavy on their own. Whew! Finally I can claim an FO! :)